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Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

said by robbin:

said by gunther_01:

Does your policy tell all of your customers that they are getting screwed by Google every time they type "google"? No it doesn't, does it.

My job is to provide access. What they do with it and any sites they go to is none of my business. What does Google have to do with my customers connection to the World Wide Web other than being an address on it?

I have never cared about cookies. I never cared if a google wanted to track the websites i go to so they can target adwords or adchoices to me.

But recently in the last 2 months i have REALLY noticed it. I see ads everywhere on sites that are related to things i have recently done research on.
For example - adverts in gmail used to be based on the email i was reading or with adwords on a website, it was based on the content of that site.

I spent three days researching solar controller and grid tie systems. For the next three weeks, adwords and others started displaying solar equipment adverts. Across multiple websites and gmail, unrelated to solar stuff.

That, to be honest, annoyed me. But for no reason other than i am annoyed that they are 'watching me' - even though "they" is just an algorithm in some cloud somewhere. It felt like something was being targeted directly at me.

Now take DNS logs from my dns server, filter them by my ip address, and suddenly you have an alternative to using cookies. You can see what websites i visit and crawl them for subject matter.
Then check cookies to see if anyone else is using my ip address in my home with different surfing patterns and you could send targeted advertisments via adwords or other networks based on my ip address.

You could also start messing with my traffic in subtle ways:
For example
Whenever i visit google, i could be sent to a google proxy that shows a replica of google homepage, but the submit button is tied to the rogue website's google search affiliate code.

We use some software in our internet cafe called handycafe. Its free internet cafe software - but it redirects google's homepage on the pc in a similar way as the above examples. Whenever you search for something, the first three results are always adwords advertisments which is how handycafe make their money.