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reply to fruhead

Re: Netflix the good is great but the bad is astounding

said by fruhead:

Yet, you watch them. Netflix wins.

Reminds me of the old joke:

"The food at that restaurant tasted terrible, and the portions were much too small!"

Occasionally I get lazy and forget to look at the comments. Never a good idea if the film has the word 'horror' in the description.

And yes, If it cost Netflix nothing to add, if the selection was free to them, if they were not required to pay any fee at all, it would have still been a cost too high for them to consider including it.

I do indeed wonder about how it is Netflix obtains the films. Are they actively seeking the titles, or do some of them come there way unbidden like the stuff we find on YouTube?

I can't picture anyone in Netflix actually picking some of these films intentionally. Maybe they just do it to inflate the numbers ie X number of films on Netflix?