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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to linicx

Re: [OK] Another day, another Cox outage

Thank you linicx. You are absolutely right.

I've had 18 months of hell, although it got ALOT better late last year after my executive escalation. They went above and beyond on that and did not even charge me for my modem, which I would have happily paid for if that was the problem (which it was only a precautionary swap). I'm not sure I can take much more of this. The only problem is my ONLY other choice is AT&T 3MB DSL, which is crap speed, but Cox is slowly teaching me to accept stability over speed.

I, like you, would have a much higher level of respect for a company that would just step up, admit a problem, and tell me what to expect between now and resolution. I can deal with that. But what I can't deal with is the lies and denial of a problem, especially when 100% of my equipment is new. With everything they replaced, I am anxious to hear CT1's answer on what else the problem could be that is specific to my house but not my neighbors. (For the record, I think CT1 does everything he can to help and cut out the BS, but there's only so much you can do from an office.) I'm also trying to figure out how it is possible for me to lose connectivity but it not be reflected in any modem logs, resets, or flashing/out lights on the modem during the outage.

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My experience with OK connectivity issues began in early 90s when I lived on Grand Lake and bought my first computer. It is amazing that it has improved little in 20-years. Take heart! It has not improved anywhere in rural America. OK, MO, AR, IA, and all of IL outside of Chicago is considered rural.

This does not address your immediate issue.

I have a wireless router. When all this nonsense was going on -- and it is not over yet -- my modem lights flashed like crazy. I knew I had to reboot; most of the time it was router and modem and often the computer. Now everything looks normal and most of the time I only reboot the modem. This is progress.

My engineer friend says the reason I do not see trouble in the logs is because the problem is not between the computer and the router. I connect to a converter box. The fact I can get online indicates I do not have computer to converter issues. It is the network. It is in their system. It may be in the office in the rack of routers. It may be a router going bad. It may be a system wide problem. My provider recently took 10,000 customers off line with bad software they uploaded to their new digital telephony devices. (After Vonage I will never have one of those device as long as I can possibly avoid it.

Most of the excuses all the companies use to sell poor service is ridiculous when they can deliver 25/25 FTTH to parts of Dallas, 40/40 to Las Vegas and 100Gbp to Paris and London. These are all cities with a dense population. Neither OKC or Tulsa has it.

What Texas has is a has legislature that does not let these companies get by with bully boy threats. I was in OK when the state legislature passed a law requiring AT&T to share their phone lines. It never happened -- which is one reason Sprint went to wireless and dropped a really excellent LD service. I can tell you lots of stories about OK and the Internet, but this is probably not the place for it.
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