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reply to BeesTea

Re: [OS X] Mini as an HTPC

said by BeesTea:

Hey all,


My primary reason for the change is to get better Netflix support. The Apple TV 2 has a native Netflix app but the performance of the app is pretty poor. Lot's of stuttering, buffering, and resolution loss. There are literally hundreds of posts on the Apple forums complaining of the issues related to the app and the number one recommendation is to move to the Apple TV 3...


THis really surprises me. I have never had a Netflix issue on my ATV2 and I prefer the interface over Netflix on the XBOX and Sony Blu-ray machines.

Typically stuttering or res loss is going to be a network-based issue like Wi-Fi issues.

I'm going to search for those posts you mention as you've peeked my curiosity.

I use a mini but only as an iTunes server, not as an HTPC.
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