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Saybrook, IL
reply to OHSrob

Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

said by OHSrob:

said by gunther_01:

And my policy is NOT going to say anything about it, because we aren't giving out any personal information about our customers. Does your policy tell all of your customers that they are getting screwed by Google every time they type "google"? No it doesn't, does it.

I sure would tell my customers if every domain name they resolve could be logged by a third party without my or their consent.

But it isn't. Only the websites of a retailer (that the customer is going to anyway) is..

I am content with the wordage in my contract with them. What they are doing, how, and for what reasons.. I am not out of line, nor going to play the devil's advocate when I have a contract that states otherwise to what this group is claiming can, is, or would be done with this information. You don't like the idea, that's fine with me. I happen to like it. It works, and is just fine with my ideals and my privacy policy to my customers.

It is a far cry better than what a lot of other companies do with your private information. And lets keep in mind, NOTHING you do on the Internet is secure, and private, unless it's via SSL. There is NO reasonable method of privacy inferred on the web. If your privacy policy states that there is, you should probably change yours before griping about mine.

We don't sell, or give our your personal, private contact information. And that's enough for me. Look around at businesses you deal with, and check out how many do just that. It's more than you realize.