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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to Juggernaut

Re: How to stay safe?

said by Juggernaut:

I've reached a far simpler conclusion for these types of people: I just refuse to do it anymore.

Family, friends... I don't care. I gave them the tools, and taught them. I gave up.

Same here. I only do this for my parents, that's it. I set them up with a regular user account (they only check email and browse internet, so don't need to install anything), they know what not to and follow it and their computer never has any problems.

Doing it for someone else this way is difficult for multiple reasons (keep in mind that I have never charged anybody for this):

1) You tell them what not to do but they will still do this again and again (or their kids will)

2) Setting them up with limited account will not work because someone always wants to install something. I did this multiple times but always gave them admin password - this is their computer after all. They all end up always using admin account.

3) [The worst] After you help them once you are considered to be responsible for their computer forever. You will be called often and expected to fix whatever problems they now have RIGHT AWAY. When I suggested to someone dropping their computer at my home so I would look at it when I get a chance within a week or 2 that person actually asked me "Well can't you come to my house and do this right now?" And that wasn't even a close friend.

If you charge people for that then it is of course a different matter.