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The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to w1spfanatic

Re: WISP Startup

Lol, try growing up with 1200, 2400 and 9600 baud speeds and BBSs before anyone even heard of the Internet

Ok Ill start. Yes it will bite you big once you start. And (in my case) may completely consume you.

Yea you will need a router at where your fiber comes in, and possibly any other hardware you need (switches, power backups, etc) You can do bandwidth management with most router software (look at mikrotik hardware/software, its good and geared towards WISPs and small ISPs) or have a separate box for it.

As for the 900 vs 2.4ghz yes if they were using 900, getting some subs at 2.4 where their 900mhz equipment is mounted might be hard but maybe they did some LOS installs with it anyways?. Perhaps you can reuse/restart the 900mhz deployment? Add in 2.4ghz or other frequencies later. It should get you started.

There is tons more, and I as well as anyone here can go on for weeks and months about the WISP world. If you have kids or a wife, or a social life I would recommend kissing them good bye before you commit

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