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Siren, WI
reply to w1spfanatic

Re: WISP Startup

said by w1spfanatic:

don't I need a PC located there also with my network management software etc. ?

You don't necessarily need a PC at all. The only PC based "server" that I have is my email/web site server, which is in a datacenter on the opposite side of the state as I'm in and doesn't do anything for my actual network.

I run all my stuff through a Mikrotik Routerboard (using PPPoE and Userman for authentication). Low power consumption, no moving parts to fail, inexpensive to replace. I wouldn't run a PC server for anything unless I had such a large customer base that the routerboard hardware couldn't handle it, and even then there are some pretty powerful routerboards out there.

I did setup a radius server when I first started, running on an old computer, but it was a bad environment for a computer (damp, cold, etc) and a power outage would cause the PC to drain the battery backup quickly. A routerboard can take as little as 5 watts or less, which makes is very nice for long runtimes on batteries.

said by w1spfanatic:

Any input on routers used would be appreciated also. Preferably on a tight budget hardware. I've looked into Mikrotik, but I would like to get some experienced opinions.

I recommend Mikrotik all the way. Very powerful for the price. A steeper learning curve than some basic routers, but they can do just about anything you are going to want to throw at them. And again, they are dirt cheap compared to other routers like Cisco or Juniper.