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London, ON
reply to RLBL

Re: Why Do you stay?

I've stuck around because I was previously living on my own and used the internet primarily for gaming, occasional downloads, etc. Even after my g/f moved in we were pushing close to the 80GB limit (she watches shows online to catch-up after work) but never went over.

Now with Apple TV, Netflix, streaming and the like I have no choice but to make the call to Rogers to move to Teksavvy. I can tell by the amount we're using each day that we're going to quickly blow the cap and I refuse to pay the amount Rogers wants for the higher bandwidth packages.

Besides the DNS issues as of late I have no complaints about the stability of my service for the last 7+ years. But the caps with the amount of streaming we are doing are totally unrealistic as is the pricing of their higher packages. I just have to get around to making the call because I know I'll have to go through retention, say no numerous times and then go through the sign-up process with Teksavvy but I'm left little in the way of other options at this point.