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reply to Sukunai

Re: Teksavvy - Actually Unlimited?

said by Sukunai:

said by amjsolstice:

Curious if any of their current customers can tell me what their tech support is like.

Weeeeeeell if you look on the Teksavvy forum of course you can find people that think they are dreadful.

But me, well I have not experienced any issues. I have had need to make a few calls in the past, they were handled acceptably.

I have not had the misfortune of deciding to live in the wrongest location possible, or wanting to expect the most perfect performance imaginable.

But after several years, I am still here.

Now it is possible I might relocate to a new operation in the near future, but, it certainly won't be about issues with Tech Support.

If you want lousy tech support examples well you can always try pretending you like dealing with Bell Canada and their concept of support (totally without a doubt the worst crap in the industry).

in 5 years ive had 1 downtime not attributed to there scheduled stuff and it lasted oh 2 seconds LOL

the times ive called they were fast and helpful.
then i havent needed to call much now have I?