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reply to darcilicious

Re: Time for a new TV.. Need advice.

said by darcilicious:

said by ke4pym:

You can't go wrong with Samsung or LG.

What ever you do, dear lord, 8 pound baby jesus, don't buy it because of the "smart" features.

Those will be outdated and won't have updates in 18 months. You're better off identifiying what "smart" features you want and getting an external box.

Looks like Samsung is working on making that a better proposition:

»www.slashgear.com/samsung-evolut ··· 2262770/

As long as you will be happy with a 1080p TV for the next X years.

I hope to get 10-12 years out of my current sets. Got 10 out of my old, giant Pioneer Elite RPTV. Only reason I got rid of it was because I wanted the floor space back.

I will eat a *little* crow on this smarttv thing. Found out that the Plex client is available for the Samsung plasma I have. That thing rocks!

That TV is a year old now and updates have been slowing down considerably. Pretty much the same pattern as the 2 other Sammys I own.