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Re: First post - recently joined - GFCI without a ground wire

Welcome to the board...

Yes, it's acceptable to use a 3 prong GFCI outlet in a non-grounded application; as long as that outlet, and any downstream are labelled "No Equipment Ground".

The GFCI will provide improved safety, but it doesn't magically create a ground, either.

It's far better then just replacing an ungrounded outlet with a 3 prong, and leaving the ground open, or using those 2-3 prong 'cheaters'. Best option is always to replace the ungrounded circuit with proper grounded circuit, but that's not always an option...

All that said - typically in Canada, kitchen outlets are either 15A split receptacles (meaning the connecting tab is removed on the 'hot' side, and there's 2 x 15A fuses or breakers feeding the outlet) - or are on 20A circuits. If it's a 20A circuit, it should be new enough to be grounded. It's a 15A split, there's no way to replace it with a GFCI... They just don't make such a beast.