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Pearcy, AR
reply to Jobbie

Re: DayZ+

I highly recommend Project Zomboid if you like the zombie series for realism. I like it because of it's detail despite being a overhead game. I use 0.2R and the Farming Mod here: »xeno-mods.com/?page=mod&id=87 They are bringing farming into the game itself on the next huge update: »theindiestone.com/community/view···9&t=9091

Alot of people "hate me" for continuing to recommend them because of a breakin when the project first launched. They didn't have any offsite backups so they had to start over. Instead of giving up and just refunding everyone they did start over from scratch and made it better. I don't understand the hate because we've all made basic mistakes before whether or not we like to admit to it lol.

I also love the carpentry capability in Project Zomboid here are 2 screenshots of my map I keep playing over and over again. »imgur.com/a/JFLl1 When your character dies you can start a new one again on the same map with the same changes your last character made. It's really unique in it's own way. I was trying to find the blog post on multiplayer, they are still going to add it and plan on bringing the game to Steam further on down the road.

Anyone have any other realistic zombie / apocalyptic games they'd like to recommend. I'm a sucker for realism and replay ability

Keep It Simple

This looks interesting.