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Cedar City, UT
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Losing phone and dsl

This has happened twice this week, we called into the repair center and paul said they was having no issues and they would check the line and call back in 15 minutes, never heard a word. but 15 minutes later the dsl and phone were both back on

I checked the levels and they are stable and normal like they always have been, there is no noise on the line.

Just this morning same issue, was out again and then after 4 hours it came back on like nothing ever happened.

All my levels are normal.

I'm at a loss, we had some bad storms around here, but everything is underground and the demarc(maybe?) that's on the side of the apartment (multi dwelling) is tightly closed.

so whats shall I do? also seems none of my neighbors have a landline, sooo asking them does no good...


Indianapolis, IN
Just to add to this, the phone line and DSL went down again last night. Went down at 1am and came back up at 2:14am. Not nearly as long as it has been the past 2 times.

(just an fyi I live in the same house as moes)

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
Generally speaking and from my experience AT&T does the best job of providing a stable product whether rural, as I was, or in the city.

I suspect there is a lot of laying of fibre and upgrading network equipment across the board, and this is probably what you are seeing. You may also be experiencing some issue from recent storms. Be patient. I expect most of the upgrades to be complete by fall.
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Columbus, OH

1 recommendation

reply to moes
Have them actually open a ticket and have a truck roll to trace the issue. They will attempt to scare you of trip charges to not send out a tech. You'd be surprised what the techs will find on the AT&T side.


Fremont, OH
Including at times finding that techs that did wiring jobs prior used the wrong cabling and such- which happened to a service I had installed. Thankfully the service isn't provided by AT&T and could be redone easily by opening up a ticket with the provider.