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Re: Teksavvy - Actually Unlimited?

Oh I totally Understand.


I standing up for internet rights. Canadian ranks 39th in the world for it's internet access. It's terrible that we let bell and rogers bully us around for something that costs nothing to transfer from web servers. Do they own Internet! Certainly not. Companies like Google have the database's that own the data. They are just a middle man trying to protect their cable TV profits. The internet eating away at their market share of Cable TV. Plus you can only watch one episode of a TV show like Corner Gas on TV per day or Two. While the internet gives us the ability to download every tv show or movie or game that we want.

BTW I hope we get google fiber in the future. If possible...


Service has been good up until just over a week ago. I have the 25/300 plan but after 6PM I am experiencing a ton of lost packets and speeds of under 1MBPS with their cable.

I contacted support and explained everything, we did tests and everything looked okay. So I was told to run the same tests when the issue happened at night.

Same thing again, gave them my report - didn't hear from them for a day so I called again. They didn't have a record of my ticket though I had it in an email from them. Support wrote up a new ticket and also did a few tests to see what I was experiencing. I asked for the new ticket number and he said it would be automatically emailed to me - never happened. Going to call them again and see if my ticket is actually there.

I was told it would be another 24/48 hours before I would hear from someone on my issue. I'm really getting pissed off, it's been over a week with crappy internet every night. I run my business from home and I can't have this issue trickling into the day time. I'm giving them until the end of the week before I jump ship.

Until this point it's been good, but I can't have half-assed service half the day.