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Modoc, IN
reply to jamesonnorth

Re: [DSL] Milking Frontier for all their network is worth

After a long time and a lot of effort, Frontier has went out of their way to make sure I can't get bonded DSL. The moment I got the email from them letting me know this, I called Comcast and scheduled installation of 20mbps/4mbps Performance internet for February 1. It's sad because my ping times are under half of what Comcast customers in my area have. Gaming might suffer a little, and I will definitely have a data cap, but when I'm able to download at more than 5.75mbps on a really good day, I'll be happy.

Since I'm an IT person, I'll still probably keep up with posting in this forum. I do have friends who are still on Frontier, after all! Thanks for everyone's help.

***Now let's just hope Comcast will come install what I want
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Burlington, WV
Good for you, very hopeful that everything works out for you. I await the day that we have competition here in the WV mountains. I will jump ship in an instance.


Modoc, IN
reply to jamesonnorth
Well I wish I had good news about the installation of Comcast Internet at my house but they told me no. I've been through this before and without paying at least $1000 they won't run service to me. It's sad but it looks like I'm sticking with 5.5mbps on a good day.