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Saybrook, IL
reply to prairiesky

Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

I think John has the right idea to be honest.

Tom, No, I don't think it is "natural" to be "picked on". I didn't like some of the wording and insinuations between myself and what others think of this concept. The two are not related in my opinion, even if I choose to use this product.

Yes, I am, and can be defensive. And to be quite honest at least one of those comments (without name or reference) could have gotten someone hit had that been an in-person comment.

While the comments aren't directly rude, or insulting, some can take them that way. Add to that, some didn't even want to hear how the system works. And introduced their own fear mongering in to a company they know nothing about.

To each their own.

And since I had a network outage today, and the owner of said company contacted me to see if we were having an issue with his equipment, I'll send him a note about this thread in case he wishes to get involved or clarify anything. But I am out of it.

London, UK
I only mean natural in the sense of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."

If youre going to have an opinion or be vocal about something, expect attention, some of which you might not like.