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reply to JkRumb

Re: Sharing Bell Accounts

said by JkRumb :

Has anyone had an issue where you had a couple of receivers installed at one house. Then moved one to a friends house where they use to have bell expressvu but you could not get all the channels.

My parents are cancelling their account and we are replacing their HD PVR with one from our account. In theory this swap out should be work fine. But the new reciever doesn't get all the channels, only their house. While it works fine at ours. They still have their old one and it still works at their house, so it doesn't seem like a signal problem. Are these recievers some how tied to the dish itself now? I know we've done this in the past with other recievers with no problem.

They're both HDPVR 6400 models.

I'm guessing your friend only has one lnb on his dish whereas at your house you have two, one for 91, the other for 82.

If that's not it, it could be a misaligned dish causing them not to get all of the transponders, a faulty switch, or cabling.