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Re: Example of customer compensation


I had the WORST customer experience ever when signing up with the DSL plan. I finally filed a complain to Better Business Bureau in order to get all that I want to get off my chest. Roger was the second worst and had to gobble down a glass of red to calm my nerve but I really have to say Teksavvy are the worst for screw up the first order I made and then was force to pay for another "change of service" / activation fee for the one I want originally. What kind of world we live it. I seriously think there are some messed up heads in not only the management but those being guided by the shepherd. I don't think the complains being stated out unreasonable because if they were, people who are smart enjoy would be staying with Teksavvy but they are much smarter and follow their gut for something else.

I am at the point we I have a CHOICE,, are available to try out
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