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Montgomery, IL
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reply to Paul416

Re: Pirates crap

It was an issue back then.

But as some have already said there was no internet back then for everybody to talk about it in an open forum as this so word didn't spread like it does today.

I remember magazine articles for HIFI enthusists which described the record industry bitching and moaning about home cassette recorders and how it gave the consumer the ability to record from LP vinyl to tape.

There were calls for surcharges on blank tapes and to LP's to cover the "loss" the record industry claimed they had.

So it was an issue back then, just not very well heard about.

Fast forward to today and with the internet, digital media, filesharing and so on;

One can have this conversation with literally hundreds of people where back in the day you discussed this with the few friends that were hanging out with you while you taped that album.

Now instead of taping that album once (most likely for yourself) you rip a CD and can upload it to the net where thousands can grab it.

Piracy extrapolated.