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I Did It My Way
Summerville, SC
reply to koitsu

Re: USB 3 hub causing BSOD's

said by koitsu:

Contact Asus about the problem. It sounds like the OS drivers handling USB requests across your USB 3.0 controller (the Asmedia chip) are unstable/unreliable. My guess is a bug relating to device unplugging, re-enumeration, or dirty buffers which are trying to be flushed to the device (disk) in the middle of you yanking it. It is very, very unlikely the issue has anything to do with the type of hub/brand of hub you bought.

Finally: try doing this instead: instead of just yanking a device off the hub, try doing this (which you should have been doing anyway) before unplugging the USB disk. If this solves the issue, then it's an issue of dirty buffers (in which case get in the habit of doing what I describe). If it still blue-screens, contact Asus and make it their problem. The fact that this issue is 100% reproducible should help them greatly.

I am not yanking anything off the bus. I can run the system with no USB devices in the hub and it will BSOD. Without the hub installed I can use the USB 3 on the M/B with no issues. I can boot up with the Lexar USB 3 flash drive in the hub, never pull it and get a BSOD. Where did I say I can recreate this problem?