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[Speed] Problems w/ Netflix on PS3 last couple of weeks - DC

My encrypted MAC address is: 0f4fad7b6f1624601a3b603ea43bdaabb3b2234f

For the last couple of weeks, roughly since the Super HD / 3d announcement, Netflix on my hardwired PS3 has been unwatchable. The other Netflix devices in my house work fine, as do other video services on the PS3 (Vudu etc.). Speedtests on the PS3 (which is hardwired) are always fine, roughly 15-20mbps.

If I try to watch something that is available in HD (or super HD), the PS3 will take several minutes to load the red bar at the bottom. Then when it fully loads (after a few minutes), I have the Standard - Low Netflix stream, which is virtually unwatchable. Then it has to stop and get more buffer during playback. I understand from Netflix technical support that basically the connection between RCN and Netflix is hanging after the handoff from SD to HD, which apparently occurs when the red loading bar is about one-third filled. All other broadband applications work fine, whether on the PS3 or on other devices. If I select a Netflix title that is not offered in HD, it loads very quickly into SD - Medium.

I didn't change any network configurations before this happened. The problem happens even when I bypass my wireless router (or through the wifi router wirelessly rather than hardwired). I have followed Netflix's instructions for the PS3 configuration (which is what I had already). I switched DNS servers from RCN to Google and now back to RCN. I've uninstalled the Netflix PS3 application and reinstalled it, twice. I've made sure that my PS3 firmware was upgraded (the problem occurred before a recent PS3 update, and persisted afterward).

Netflix tech support is difficult to deal with because the "level 3" tech folks don't actually communicate with customers; rather they communicate through less knowledgeable customer service reps, who mix things up. But they say that the problem is on RCN's end.

Can RCN please help me?! It's especially frustrating that this problem is occurring just as I was getting ready to watch Super HD and 3d titles.

Thanks, Sid


bump. Is Netflix over PS3 working for other people in the DC area???


reply to SidR
Did your problem get resolved? I live in St. Louis area and I don't get hd on my PS3 now except early in day. I raised the speed of my internet and still doesn't work right. All my other devices play in hd, even at the same time PS3 isn't. Do you have any ideas? Seemed to happen after netflix update.