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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to scififan68

Re: [TWC] Possible problem with new Zoom 5341j

said by scififan68:

I know they can't read the correctable/uncorrectable errors on the Zoom, so they may not even be able see the snmp log. I'm just sick of bugs and just want a modem I can leave on and have it stay up without a dhcp failure or any funniness.

I think they can see the SNMP log... the most helpful tech that I talked to said he saw the same errors I was talking about.

Regarding getting a stable modem, I think that might never happen. Every modem has an occasional firmware bug... usually they don't impact everyone (sometimes they only impact people on one brand and model of CMTS).

TWC's outright refusal to even consider updating firmware on customer owned modems means it will always be luck of the draw... if you buy a modem with perfect firmware, you will be OK... unless TWC makes network changes that expose a bug. In that case, be ready for the run-around, with the fix being to buy a different modem and hope for the best.

This also shows that the own your own modem program exists purely to get people to stop complaining about the fee, and that they don't take it seriously and don't intend to support modems on the list of approved customer owned devices.

I just wish we could apply our own firmware updates. I have never seen a cable modem that intentionally allowed this, most likely due to security reasons (for example, they wouldn't want someone loading custom firmware that ignores parts of the config file that is sent on startup).

Going back to a rented modem isn't a solution either. I didn't buy my modem just because of the fee, I bought it because I don't want to be stuck with whatever random beat up used modem they feel like providing on any given day, especially since some of the DOCSIS 3 gateways are a bit of a PITA to deal with in bridge mode (I'm thinking specifically of the Motorola SBG6580). I just want a plain modem, no router, no wireless, just a bridge. My pfSense router beats the hell out of any integrated cable modem gateway product.