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reply to Sukunai

Re: Netflix the good is great but the bad is astounding

Bionicrod sounds like me to the point it is funny as we are both watching season 3 of Star Trek Next Generation

I also like drew's notion of more search options.

So many films are listed that I have never heard of before.
And it would be nice to measure a film based on how much was anyone actually willing to pay to see it.

If the film went straight to video then it is likely it will be less than stellar enough times that you won't miss them.

What I find the most funny though, are often the long and entirely incredibly detailed reviews about films only a totally desperate person would consider better than a -2.

It's a shame a 3 rating sends the wrong message. Hey I can be 'ok' with a film and not need to rate it a 4, but 4 sends the message you liked it. They need two additional rating between 2 and 4. a 2.5 a 3 and a 3.5

Because sometimes a film is schlock, but it's at least well enough made, it is just nothing awesome. Sometimes a film is well made, but you see no need to get excited about it.