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San Francisco, CA

Should I wait?

After years of rock solid service (3008/512), starting about 5 days ago, I started having frequent loss of synch; 6-8 times a day. My S/N and Attn are pretty stable (9-10 and 48-49). These don't change before or after the loss (although over the years I've gone from 10.5-11 down to the current 9-10.) Around this same time, tracert indicates my first AT&T hop ( has seen pings climb from a very steady 11-12ms to 40-50ms.) I don't know if these are related.

BUT - for the first time in a very long time, I actually picked up the phone to check the line (a very long time since we've made a call on this line!!) and could clearly hear a background buzz as well as harmonics in the dial tone. So I called in a trouble ticket and its scheduled for this Friday.

So right now, my very simple question is do I wait for the voice side to be taken care of before diving into DSL support, or are these unrelated. Unfortunately, I really can't tell how long those conditions have been on the voice side of the line (connecting to NID leads to the same buzz/harmonics.)

Thanks in advance for you thoughts.

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San Jose, CA
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The increase in latency suggests the modem/DSLAM adjusted for errors by setting your data path to, "Interleaved". Voice problems which affect the quality of voice service can also have adverse effects on the DSL service. In my experience, fixing voice problems fixes DSL problems; so I would work on the voice repair first.
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San Francisco, CA
Just wanted to follow up and thank you Norman. Tech came (exactly on time!!), said "boy do you have problems on your line", fixed them and 2 hours later I was back at a s/n of 10, pings to that same bra7-10 back in the 10ms range, CRCs of about 1 every 5-6 minutes (which is what it has always been, except during this episode), zero loss of synch, and an absolutely clear voice line. I might actually have to start making calls on it again.