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Houston, TX
reply to cypherstream

Re: [X1] Xfinity TV on X1 Platform and X1 Remote Control App!

said by cypherstream:


I know its tru2way, but you list 7 states have 2.0 but yet there's not one single youtube clip of it, online review, or a user on here posting screen shots and comments, questions or concerns.

I just think your lucky if 0.00000005% of customers have it - AT ALL. I mean there's just ZERO online presence of it (besides Comcast's nice instruction website on it and Ted Hodgekins posts).

2.0 - the guide Comcast forgot...

Yet there's quite a few X1 youtube clips and reviews popping up. Kinda weird if you ask me.

I agree that On-Screen Guide 2.0 is in limited use. It only works in 6 states and only with SA/Cisco STBs in those states and Comcast only allows it to be used with AnyRoom DVR functionality, which further limits its use. About 80% of Comcast customers use Motorola and it is not available on Motorola STBs.
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