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Re: Shaw SLOW speed internet

For about 2 weeks now i have had the worse internet in Lethbridge. We are talking a good minute for google to open many times. I won't even get into trying to watch youtube. I have the 100 megabit plan and even the shaw speed test shows a ! for ping.

I have spoken to many people on the west side of Lethbridge who are experiencing the same issues.

Every time i book a tech its the same thing " Yes the west side of Lethbridge is saturated and we are doing an upgrade in the next few months"

Come summer when the students exodus my internet is back to the levels expected with my service plan.

However the past few weeks has gone from 10-15 megabit on a 100 megabit plan to under 1 megabit. Interesting enough my upload stays at 5 megabit


Lethbridge, AB
Would you mind registering on community.shaw.ca and replying to the thread "slow speeds strike again"

I'm having that exact same issue!!!!

However they claim to me no saturation.

We need to get more word out there to have the upgrade complete. I'd be open to exchanging emails with you also so we can give them results concurrently.

I'm on the west side of lethbridge also.