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Kitchener, ON
reply to RLBL

Re: Why Do you stay?

So from what I understand half the people here are not even on Rogers anymore? they why do you guys care? seriously this just does not make sense to me. How many of you are actually using more than 250GB a month anyway? I do live alone, but I run a web server and backup to a remote location and I'm only using 196ish... I only went over 200 once, and that was when I was seeding the backup. what is it that you just want? unlimited gigabit symmetric for $99.99? Everything is as I expected, you receive a service but don't want to pay what they charge for it or you want a better service but you don't want to pay more for it? am I not correct?

Look, if bandwidth is all you care about then use teksavvy but Rogers does do unlimited bandwidth, just for 100 more a month. Back when the caps were lower that was the price I had to pay. (50 then but the amount doesn't make too much of a difference)

But apparently my comment is the dumbest because I don't hate Rogers the way everyone else does. Now you also said I'm choosing what should be most valuable when I said speed, fine allow me to reword, bandwidth only controls price while speed shows up on everyday performance. If you cared about the service and only the service all you would see is speed, this is not Comcast no one will ban you from the network they will only increase your bill. So, to make absolutely clear, if you want something better please pay for it. If not please stop complaining and calling the company evil, you entered into the contract with them if you don't like it things can be adjusted.


Gloucester, ON
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1 - I am not sure I ever called the company evil, or stated I "hated" it. I have been on Rogers for as long as I can remember, but that does not mean one should pay more for a service they can get elsewhere for cheaper

2 - Quality of service is very important, which is why I ask "why are people staying if they are complaining". I figure there must be some reason why people are sticking to Rogers (esp. after they have done some level of comparison to other companies... maybe even tried them and stayed... or came back!)

3 - I am staying because Rogers just made me an offer I could not refuse. I am very happy with the level of service, but not the price. I now have a comparable price for what I need.

I hope I did not offend; I may have misinterpreted the spirit of your reply.