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Woodstock, IL

30% Speed Drop

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I have Uverse ADSL2+ 1.5Mb service and admit I'm at the end of a fairly long line. Up until about a week ago, everything has been working just fine, for many months. Lately, things have slowed down. used to give me 1.5Mb download speeds and now it gives 1Mb download speeds.

Modem stats say its locking at 1530Mbs, yet a Wireshark throughput test shows roughly 1Mb throughput, same as the speedtest site. So it seems to me that something is capping my downloads at 1Mbs even though the modem is locking at 1.5Mb.

I've attached some modem stats and the Wireshark throughput graph. I really dont know what I'm talking about but it doesnt seem to be a line problem to me.

It used to work, now its slower, modem says it should be faster. Thats the extent of my DSL knowledge. Can anyone recommend anything to help me when I call the repair number?


Michigan, US
I'm not seeing anything weird. It could be a bunch of things. I'd ask them to swap the modem, see if that helps. Modems start to die, you can get some weird, non-descript partial failures all of a sudden that result in performance loss with nothing overtly wrong. If not, could be something with your local loop, etc... but you may have a difficult time getting them to actually look into it and then do something about it.