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Re: [TWC] TWC Dallas Incapable of Fixing a Feeder Problem

I worked cable for 15yrs and was a line tech. if there is a water ingress problem anywere in the feeder it will manifest with power loss through the upper high band ch 36 to super and ultra band ch 70's. typically in aerial plant water incursion occurs in the housings of line equiment. since the hardware is assembled upside down the tap plates and splitter/coupler plates start swimming in water in the sealed housing. somewere on that distribution there is a housing missing a port cap or a cracked housing.
To answer your question, here is the bottom line-- contact the FCC file a complant and get a case number or a record of it. this is your ammunition and trump card.
contact cabl;e company," escalate phone contact to technical operations manager or supervisor" when you speak to them tell them this exactly verbatim.
You have files a complaint with the fcc, give them the refferal info, and tell them you would like an "F.C.C. PROOF OF PREFORMANCE TEST DONE AT YOUR TAP"
watch what happens then, that should get results. they have to provide proof to the fcc your complant was resolved.
the proof of preformance test is very in depth, it is the last word in terms of system preformance, and it will show ANY problems on that feeder , good luck


Thanks for the info pg73696. It hadn't dawned on me to file a complaint with the FCC. That's a good idea. I just filed the complaint. I actually had a TWC supervisor leave a message yesterday after I posted this in the Direct Support forum but all they want to do is their standard, setup a service call, waste more of my time, accomplish nothing. When I talk to the supervisor today I shall make the request for the performance test. We'll see where this goes from here. Thanks again for the info.