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Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
reply to bchandler02

Re: [OK] Another day, another Cox outage

Bad things happen suddenly and convincingly. It makes no diff if the cable is one day old or 600 years old. Have a drop put in and keep it for a week to test it. If it not the cable, the next place for them to look is in the pedestal. It is not rocket science. It is a company that does not want to spend money or your problem even though they are causing it. It is all about the bottom line, the Bored (a pun) and the stockholders. It is about not giving you one I bit of help, or one bit of bandwidth that might solve the problem.

said by bchandler02:

It's also odd that this went from none to a huge problem in 24 hours. To me, that points to component failure somewhere.

I am testing a theory right now.

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