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Router With Better Traffic Statistics

Presently I used a WNR3500v2 router, which gives summary traffic statistics. Does Netgear make a router that gives more detailed statistics such that I can tell where the sudden increase in traffic on my network is coming from?

It's as if there is a rogue device constantly downloading HDTV on the network. We have an Apple TV and a Roku, but both are disconnected. We don't have an HTPC. Most of the computers are turned off at night. The guess wireless network is enabled, but it's password protected, and I check attached devices regularly. It's unlikely that one of my neighbors has hacked into my network because the houses are not so close together, they're not showing up in attached devices, and neither neighbor is likely to have enough technical expertise to hack the main or guest wireless network.

The bandwidth usage has typically been about 200GB per month. At the present rate, it's going to be over 350GB this month. Since we're on TimeWarner, there's no cap (yet), but we were thinking of switching to Uverse, at least for a while. Assuming Uverse is enforcing their 250GB (a representative denied over the phone that they were enforcing it), I can't switch and remain within the cap.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm seeing this entry in my log file every few seconds:

[LAN access from remote] from to Thursday, Jan 17,2013 07:12:39

When I ping on my network, I don't get a response. Plus, 105 does not show up in Attached Devices. How can I block that IP address on the network so that I can tell what device is connected? I suspect that it is totally legitimate.