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Etobicoke, ON
reply to elitefx

Re: [The Call] So, I was on the phone with Rogers...

said by elitefx:

said by yyzlhr:

That is not true, if more and more people got on faster tiers, Rogers would need to upgrade capacity by doing more node splits etc which are time consuming and costly.

I submit this is a moot point. If Rogers is currently upgrading to 150/10 across the footprint then necessary upgrades have been done already. This fairytale "capacity" excuse has worn itself out.

There is no excuse for traffic caps. There is a limit to how much capacity exists on each node in your neighbourhood. Upgrading to allow being able to service the 150 Mbps tier does not mean they can go out and sell that tier to everyone. All broadband is provisioned based on over-subscription typically around 10:1 or greater. Meaning the aggregate of all of the users in the neighbourhood is 10 times greater than the capacity at the node. The assumption is is that not everyone is using their connection at peak hours and not everyone is downloading full tilt for the users that are. The more they sell the higher speed tiers the greater the chance of having congestion as they're allowing more users the possibility to consume more of the capacity that is available.

.e.g. You can have a 25 Mbps user downloading 3TB a month and have no real impact per se with regard to congestion on the node; the user can only consume 25 Mbps of the capacity. You can have 10 150 Mbps users downloading at half their speed tier and they will cause congestion.