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Washington, DC
reply to Kearnstd

Re: [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 Address Assignment/Delegation

said by Kearnstd:

so a question then. If I went IPV6 I can use a router then? and instead of the router assigning IPs instead Comcast does the DHCP even for LAN clients?

More I am curious how does this effect SAMBA shares and does it still keep the public internet from seeing them.

Maybe I can help clear this up.

Comcast will assign a /128 for their on-link network. Comcast will then assign you a routed block (/64 for now, could be /60 or /56 in the future). The routed block will be routed to your on-link network address.

For your personal network, you could implement the same firewall policy as NAT has (SPI firewall, blocking incoming traffic unless there is an associated state entry). I know D-Link support this a pre-set configuration option. I haven't had experience with other consumer routers as of late.

The different with v4 is you eliminate overloading (the broken part of NAT), as everything is assigned a global unique address.


Accokeek, MD

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Please - even a /56 is far more than a Metro Ethernet customer can swallow. The real issue is whether or not Comcast (or any ISP, for that matter) will be able to narrow down a small-enough block for anything short of a carrier-grade router to be able to manage comfortably. Tunnel brokers (not just the more typical ones, such as HE, but even Comcast itself) drop a /64 on any customer as a floor, which is a metric ton worth of overkill. I'd run out of bandwidth WELL before running out of IP addresses - even a Metro Ethernet (business) customer will be in the same pickle (bandwidth will go poof way before IP addresses will). Pretty much except for older routers and equipment that is still IPv6-hostile, the IP dragon is practically dead; it just is not aware yet.