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Pearcy, AR
reply to Subaru

Re: [Forecast] Why is the northwest & midwest getting storms?

We had our first ever Blizzard warning issued by the NWS in Little Rock on Christmas day. We also had our first snow on Christmas day in 86 years. It's been rather topsy turvey when it comes to the weather here but I'm not complaining. Last winter stayed above freezing alot and we had more bugs than we could get rid of. Since we have had quiet a few hard freezes this year that will help take care of the tick & mosquito population.

Farmer's almanac has gotten it right more than once so far. Which answers a question I had awhile back if they have to update their "formula" to forecast weather. Thing is they never give specifics just a generalization which helps their forecasting pattern and helps those who need to know the weather (farmers).

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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And while you did not say it but many ignorant of it say this disproves global warming....

Well no it doesn't warming works in EXTREMES not just necessary hot, just more severe there is no question of.efor

Extemes of hot and cold like never before, has not happened forget the world only being 6000 years old, far from truth...

But expounding huge amounts of CO2... the chemistry LONG proved... we are absolutely exasperating situation no question.

While we could easily working to ween ourseves from OIL solar has become far more efficient though still pricey. But in a sunny place. If not for the hurricane threat here I would have been solar decades ago. But again more cost effective year after year, but BIG oils says the only way.

They said Sat TV would never happen for the same reasons... buut boy are they (Cable) scrambling guessing by the at least weekly I get killed trees envelopes from CC , when there is just no chance. If I was a customer and their rates might be... to pay for that reduculous USPS mail cost of BS


Pearcy, AR
I was actually thinking about the whole fact of people saying Global warming is a myth. It's not really called Global warming anymore because we are having wild swings so they started calling it "Climate change". We've always had storms and hurricanes in the US pretty bad ones too but they are getting worse exponentially. I live in Arkansas we've already been through 2 roofs in the past 10 years with my family. Granted the first one was because of a tree but the insurance company came out and left after circling a ton of "hail spots" and end up replacing the whole thing including decking.

2nd go around (we moved) and we had a bad leak in a valley during bad storms. I tried to patch it myself before calling insurance, worked fine until another horrible storm. Then I woke up to water all in my TV dvd player everything. I thought it was all gone, but we unplugged it and set it on a towel on the floor then left to visit family. Came back later that day and finished cleaning up remaining water (rained all that day) let the TV set for a few days and it fired right up. Insurance asked me if I wanted to go ahead and claim it but I declined, now I have lines...

Anyways I ventured off topic but yeah it's getting worse every year. I was actually venturing off topic to discuss solar since we have bad storms it needs to have some way to "protect them" in bad weather. I've considered getting panels and putting them on a spindle type thing so they can be rotated to face down in hailstorms. That way they can put 1/2" Lexan on the back of the panels to protect the actual panel itself. They sell big sheets of lexan at Lowes & Home Depot fairly cheap vs shipping. I would put some kind of pin system on it so it will lock it in place and the wind can't make them a big spinning windmill lol.

I've considered wind power too but with new tech in solar you get more power per unit than most windmills. I dunno, something I've considered, during the heat wave our electric bill would have been $500 if it wasn't for levelized billing...