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Redford, MI

Detroit Metro...How is WOW now?

I have been looking into WOW, but noticed that they were having lots of issues with their system. A friend in Royal Oak spoke with a rep last night and WOW stated that the issues have been remediated (upgraded infrastructure) and the call volumes have gone back to normal levels.

So, the big question is...how has the television and internet been lately?


Allen Park, MI
Things seen to have gotten better, at least for me.


Clinton Township, MI
reply to moviesnmore
It's been good for me but i haven't had to call in for anything. I live in Clinton Twp,Mi. Have had the occasional freeze for about a second but thats all.
Internet/ultra tv/phone.


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Fine here.


Santa Clara, CA
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profile says you're in redford, it's is a new market for wow. i imagine there will be some growing and implementation pains with that.

my service has been fine since i've had them from 2006 on. (48073 & 48071).


Redford, MI
·WOW Internet and..
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been on internet for 2 weeks at 2mbps $40/mo just upgraded to tv/internet bundle for $65/mo no HD. TV went down for 20 minutes second day of service they turned it right back on. I'm right on the railroad tracks where the backbone fiber optics got put in few years back There goes Amtrack. lol
Or maybe 'cause I'm down the street from the old Wayne County Insane asylum Eloise

I've been told I won't get 2mbps all the time, they told me not to use the WOW speed test, like duh? I've been using dslreports java test and been getting over 2mbps, last test, I was 2kbps over but still over


Redford, MI
reply to moviesnmore
I spoke with a rep during the Plymouth Ice Festival and asked about the issues they have been having.

He did explain that the infrastructure has been upgraded and should be "temporarily if not permanently fixed."

As for the phone issues into the call center, he stated that THE main line in Dearborn was cut which created the "no call in" situation.