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Am I limited to the cable modems I can use?

I have a Motorola SURFboard SBG900 DOCSIS 2.0 wireless cable modem gateway that I used while in the US on Comcast.

Now I was looking to purchase cable internet with a 3rd party independent ISP here in Toronto, however they had advised me that because this modem is not on their "compatible modem" list, I can not use it.

I thought the standards with the docsis modems were all the same and all I need to do is give them the mac number.

I currently have DSL service with this same company and the modem I use is one not listed on their website.

Can anyone here confirm or rebuke the answer they provided me?


Each provider has its own list of authorized cable modems. It HAS TO BE one of those.

For DSL any unlocked modem will work

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reply to AntonyLingo
Whilst modems are technically all compatible at the user end in terms of delivering data, there are things about each modem that is unique to the provider, so for example they have to deliver different config files for different models. Some work OK when fed the wrong config file, some are OK. Rogers basically will test every cable modem that a third party wants to use to ensure it's compatible with their CMTS (head end units) firmware.

You MIGHT be able to get your modem to work if you pretend it's an SB5100 for example. But it's also worth noting that the move is on to higher speeds and Rogers who provides last mile services will not / is reluctant to ... provision any tier with speeds higher than about 15Mbps on a DOCSIS 2.0 modem any more so if you want the higher speeds you'll have to get a new modem.

So, no, they aren't feeding you a line.