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Sarcastic Llama? Naw, Just Acerbic
Dartmouth, NS
reply to Kevin G

Re: cable wifi repeaters

In order of preference.

(1) wired - if you can pull wire from where your router and cable modem are located to another location in the house where you will get good wifi coverage (with another wifi router acting as an AP/switch or straight AP).

(2) powerline connector (basically plug an ethernet cable from lan port on router into wall plug unit, other paired unit is plugged in at a location ideal for wifi coverage and an ethernet cable from that runs into the lan port of a wifi router(acting as an AP/switch) or a straight AP.
(go to smallnetbuilder to read reviews and actual throughtput, dont buy less than anything of the 500 series.)

(3) same concept as in (2) but there are similar entities using coax lines. Thus if you have a coax line between two locations (not likely from what it sounds like) you can bridge that way with two paired units.
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Kevin G

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Could I keep the 6580 tethered to the iMac but run another ethernet cable from the 6580 to the other end of house and then attach the 901 to the end and have it serve as another wireless AP? (I asked Motorola tech support and they said it's not set up to do that.)


New York, NY
Your Fig2 is pretty much what Anav's option 1 recommendation. Just make sure you set up SBG901 as a switch so all your devices can communicate on the same network segment.