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Re: Setting up WiFi for a large home


To compare Access Points including the 2553 and its sibling 2555.
In any case I doubt rustydusty that you actually read the post where it mentioned the structure material so results will vary. I suspect that the OP will need a minimum of two radio devices, ie one for the basement and maybe only one for the rest.

I would probably use an AP in the basement and try something like the R6300 on the second floor and see what the coverage is like on floors 1 and 4 and in all corners. If insufficient consider more APs or wifi routers acting as APs. Depends on budget too.

The only reason to have a different SSID is if you want to partition users such as guests as typically one can assign separate security parameters and lan access to different SSID setups. Depnds on the flexibility required. Otherswise as stated same SSID but different channels best. For a 3 radio house 1, 6, 11 for example. For a four radio house, 1 basement, 7 first floor, 11 3rd floor and 4 top floor, or something like that and unless your in part of the world with larger freq range and can spread it out more.
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