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Henderson, NV

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DSL - internet connection issues

I am experiencing the same issue with my PK5001z from Centurylink. I am kicked off the internet briefly every 10-15 minutes. It might not be that big of a deal, but when playing live online games it is extremely frustrating. I am also losing connection on skype. Very frustrating as well, especially when doing three way calls and such. I've been on the phone for three multi-hour tech sessions. The last they sent out a tech who added another router to the modem. I believe he bridged it. Still did not solve the issue. I am considering going back to cable, but before I do so I wanted to make sure there is nothing else that can be done. I am not sure how to access my modem setup to turn of the WAN. Can some explain that? Any other recommendations? Thanks

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they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
There was a long thread, recently, covering this issue. If I remember correctly, there should be a firmware update available that fixes the problem. It should be available on the CenturyLink Support site.

If you have your own router, it is best to have the modem in bridge mode. It may not solve the drop problem, and it makes it harder to log in to the modem. It would probably be easier to reset it to defaults, to access it, then put it back in bridge mode when done.

You could also try stopping by Best Buy and picking up an Actiontec C1000A modem. They are $99 in the CenturyLink packaging. I would recommend this, especially if you are paying the $5 monthly modem rental fee and you plan to keep the service.


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I had DSL installed recently by CenturyLink and it dropped my streaming classical music every few minutes or so. It did not matter whose website I was listening to. I had a tech come to the house after CL had done an unrelated upgrade at their facility. He removed the PK5001Z modem/router and replaced it with a Westell one. He said the Westell was the best he had ever installed, but that CL were not using them any more. They now favored the PK5001Z because it was cheaper.

Sincec the modem/router was replaced, I had had no more hicups with my streaming classical music.


Henderson, NV
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Thanks everyone. I have a tech coming out tomorrow for the 3rd time. I've asked that they replace the modem with something else. I'll ask if they have a Westell. If it doesn't work this time around, then I will be switching over to cable for my Internet and Vonage for phone. A month of this is all I can take.


Harker Heights, TX
I'm about 10 days too late to respond to this problem but I faced this issue for 4 months before they finally just replaced my modem with an older model.


Phoenix, AZ
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The PK5001z is just junk, as is the C1000A they're giving out now as well.

See if you can find an old Q1000 or something from around that time, as that was one of the last decent working modems in legacy Qwest territory. I personally have an old Q100 (no wireless) connected to a router in transparent bridge mode and it's been flawless.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
The C1000A works well, when in bridge mode with the wireless disabled. I have not tried using it as a router.


High Point, NC
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there is an updated firmware for the PK5001Z, very simple to do, login to the router(info on bottom of router) go to utilities of the router, on left side click on upgrade firmware, wait a couple minutes and you will see the new version available, it ends in .16. download it, remember where you are saving it to, after it downloads close the download box, then click browse back in the router and find the file, then click on upgrade at the bottom and it will do the update automatically. takes a few minutes to update and reboot. It helps with several issues including apple product connection issues to wireless. OP you may have another issue besides your router though.


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I have been having the same issues, contacted tech support and they had led me to believe the problem was in my house I had performed the tasks they recommended, and at first thought that was it, (I was getting disconnected about every 5 minutes) but 2 days later the problem was getting worse, I removed all phones from the system, and still there, I had resorted to testing the line polarity, found it reversed (I've read that this condition shouldn't cause the problem)I corrected the polarity issue and so far I haven't been disconnected

Boise, ID
Hi Mille1212 & SLS8199 -

Mille - are you still having issues?

SLS8199 - We are here to assist you if you need further help.

»bit.ly/TALKTOUS or TalkToUs@Centurylink.com

Centurylink Help Team


so far since I did reverse the polarity on the system i have not been having any issues, this was 24 hours ago, viewing the connection log on my router i am not seeing "unable to connect to dns server"


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» gets you to modem log in
Admin name =admin
Password=the 8 alpha numeric field on back of modem (use the default)
DSL Link uptime I believe it resets the beginning of each month..
Check out Link train errors
Check out Retrains again resets at beginning of the month I believe
Check out unavailable Seconds...
Check out CRC errors....
When you use this data with tech support they hopefully will reset your link from your modem to the server....Also will verify you have latest firmware etc....

The DSL status on the side shows your raw DSL downlink and uplink speeds....compare to what you think you bought...


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I've been having more and more problems lately (connection dropping every 10 minutes) with my CentryLink DSL and see the same "unable to connect to dns server" in the modem logs. At this point my son is too frustrated to play online with his XBox. What is involved with switching the polarity I would like to try this. Is this done at the termination point outside the house. thanks


I was having issues again starting Tuesday, I had called technical support twice this week, the last time they commented about noise on the line. I had done research on testing for noise, and found none except for when the modem was on line, I called again to make an attempt to replace the modem, and about 1 hour later a service technician came out, and found the noise in the N.I.D. on the outside of the house, he stated that there was a ringer module installed (used to check the line by the phone company) and that had been linked to DSL issues, he replaced it, with a non ringer module and tests came back within specs.