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Atlanta, GA

Windstream is simply Terrible

I was going to write my own review but I agree with all that Microbell posted. When I started out in 2005 with ALLTEL it was rock solid for years. Currently their max here in northeast GA 6mb service $50 a month. Often it's simply barely usable, except for web surfing and Netflix streaming, almost can't handle Vonage.

This can last days. I started out myself on tech support with a Chicago cable company. This is a little vacation cabin we have, if this was at home in Atlanta we could not tolerate it.

I’ve tried the gamut of tech support, they know there is a problem but cannot or will not fix it. Some answers they give are gibberish, and in the end “well you are lucky to have internet”. They could find nothing wrong in our place, Duh! While it worked flawlessly for years under ALLTEL, all that changed was the company. But they can see it running at dial up speeds for days; other times 6mb for a little while.

I guess I’ll have to invest time and effort and vacation days in getting someone else, if that’s possible, they actually laughed and said it isn't, well of course they'd say that. Of course reluctant to switch as while not good it meets very basic requirements and we have the alarm system via the phone line. But at this point years of terrible service I may even see what options there are for switching monitored alarm systems to an alternate method etc.,