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This is a sub-selection from I'm Unlimited


Xenia, OH
reply to Kristopher

Re: I'm Unlimited

Poor AT&T how will they survive to their next paycheck? I bet they seriously need to block ALL port 80 traffic for unlimited users until they switch to a more expensive plan. This works because the EXACT same apps use 1/2 the data for the same services on a more expensive plan! Brilliant! Just think of all the network congestion they would save?! Plus the same argument for facetime applies here. "If ANY internet app uses ANY bandwidth it can congest the network so we can chose to block any competitive app for congestion." We need people to understand if every phone user used there VAST 1-2GB of data we sold them the network would turn into a pile of steaming worthless crap. Useable internet on AT&T is more rare than diamonds!