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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to onlinemedia6

Re: TWC is full of hot air

said by onlinemedia6 :

I have tried Netflix, Hula Plus, and Amazon Prime Video....and I have come to the conclusion that the OWNERS of the content are the problem, and not the streaming service provider.

From the consumer's point of you, you are pretty much correct. However from Netflix's point of view, they have to deal not only with the content companies to get the rights to the video, but they also have to deal with the major ISPs to get the content servers closer to the customer.

Where the content is at does directly impact the customer normally as long as the bandwidth is sufficient whatever path it needs to take across the internet. However the amount of bandwidth needed for all streams isn't sustainable or scalable to just host everything themselves as traditional website would. The less traffic Netflix has to send across the network from their pipes to the ISPs pipes to your home decreases their costs, the ISPs costs, and network congestion in general.