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reply to yyzlhr

Re: [Extreme Plus] DPC3825 and 150/10 possible?

said by yyzlhr:

I just checked with some of my internal sources and they confirm that the 3825 CAN be used with the 150/10, however the modem itself must be migrated onto a different product code. Normally the SMC and Cisco D3 modems are issued under the same product code, however there is a product code exclusive to the Cisco gateway that is seldom used for simplicity purposes. They will have to move your Cisco gateway onto the Cisco gateway only code, I don't know exactly what it is but it's labelled D3v2 Rental/Purchase etc. You can try calling in and having them switch you to this code but you MAY have to bring your cisco gateway in and swap it for another cisco one due to a system limitation.

I just confirmed this is accurate. The very helpful rep I spoke to was excellent and able to change the product code to D3v2 as stated above -- and after a cable modem restart everything worked right away. The rep told me that for some reason Rogers "discontinued" that product code, which is why a lot of the newer reps don't know about it, but it is still available and usable. He didn't know why and agreed it didn't make much sense.

The modem swap is only necessary if the account has some "terms and conditions" related to the product code associated with the modem -- if so, then a modem swap clears those and allows the change.