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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Jamesliljim

Re: Isn't BrightHouse also TimeWarner Cable (Subsidary)?

said by Jamesliljim:

Hi Guys,

I'm not very sure if I phrased it correctly, but my question is, Is BrightHouse like the parent company to TimeWarner Cable (Internet Division). If BrightHouse isn't the Parent, don't they work together to some degree or are they totally independent of one another.

I'm under the assumption that they are using Florida as a 'Test' State and if its successful it will be bringing these upgrades to the rest of the United States?

Is this Wishful thinking or is this something that's quite possible?

We are entirely two different companies. Yes it is true we work together on some things but never should the assumption be made that if one does something the other will follow. The wiki that Beachie posted should explain it all.
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