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Winchendon, MA

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Re: [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 Address Assignment/Delegation

said by Kearnstd:

so a question then. If I went IPV6 I can use a router then? and instead of the router assigning IPs instead Comcast does the DHCP even for LAN clients?

More I am curious how does this effect SAMBA shares and does it still keep the public internet from seeing them.

You will still use a 'router' on your end. Instead of handling NAT it will act as a router should. It will route the connections from your LAN devices to the /128 on the WAN side. You will still need (And this will be handled by most routers) DHCP & DHCPv6/Radvd for both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. You will also still use a DNS forwarder (again handled by the router).

The key thing here, is that the router will not offer any perceived concept of security through NAT on IPv6 Connections. NAT was a kludge fix in the first place in my opinion. But you will be able to set a global firewall policy on the router for IPv6 that will in essence provide a base level of security for IPv6. It is not a replacement for end device security and firewalls.

And with IPv6 there will be no need for Port forwarding (when you have sufficient IPv6 addresses for each device) as the router will route all incoming connections to the correct end device.