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North York, ON
reply to imekul

Re: [] No Ringing on outgoing calls/dropped calls

said by imekul:

I just noticed today that all incoming calls to my DIDs were getting either a slow or fast busy signal.

yeah this was happening to a few family members that I have signed up with and now I am hearing about it too. Support asks me if it's currently happening; the sad part about this is that you can't reproduce the original problem with any precision because I don't control the current load on their servers :-/ Same goes for the problems I originally started the thread for.

The lesson to be learned here is that you don't want to become a victim of your own success (growth problems). The way that this is properly handled is by implementing a 'stop-sell' on service to new customers while old servers are upgraded so that they can handle and inflow of new traffic.
Teksavvy has been doing this for quite some time with their cable POIs and it has been in everyone's best interest.

Looking forward to these new upgrades; I chatted with support but unfortunately upper management and front-line support don't seem to have frequent contact regarding critical situations like this. Support couldn't impart any information as to when I can expect less complaining/questions from my relatives.