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reply to Scatcatpdx

Re: Netflix Thug like Behavior.

It's the ISP's job to upgrade their infrastructure to support their users demand, whatever that demand is, netflix etc.

In the traditional Netflix world, netflix pays for their bandwidth, customer's pay their upstream providers, not every destination to which they send traffic. This is the basic way that the internet has always worked. Customers be them Netflix, or the average broadband user pay money to their upstream provider and it is the provider's job to provide access to the rest of the internet both their downstream and upstream bandwidth.

That said I have to defend TW in one way, Netflix is strong arming the situation. They are ranking ISP's based on their netflix performance, which casual users may be influenced in their decision about providers.

This the agreement does benefit both companies, ISP's get to reduce their peering traffic, and netflix does the same way, by only sending one copy of a movie to the ISP's caching server.

But Netflix definitely makes out better as the cost for bandwidth is one of their main expenses. and has little downstream traffic, resulting in more lobsided peering while ISP's usually also provide hosting services and have a more equal peering which costs less. More lopsided peering agreements cost more money.

Finally the broadband rating are being used as leverage. Want to move up in the netflix performance rankings, host our servers and save us bandwidth costs.

Netflix is by no means innocent, They are the same as every ISP.