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London, UK
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Re: NTP solutions

Its definitely worth having all devices sync with an NTP server.

At the very least it gives you timestamps across your network that you can reliably line up if you need to correlate some events to track something down.

On-net is always better because you can better control the security of your implementation.

You can roll your own server as lutful suggests, or you can buy an appliance. Alternatively ntp.org has a reasonably substantial collection of servers and server pools you can use. Most likely your upstream provider(s) are running an NTP server or two, so its always worth asking them what the addresses are and if you can use them either directly, or sync your own server from them.

My only gripe with ntp.org is that servers are typically run by 3rd parties, and they come and go from time to time, so you need to at least a couple of times a year check to make sure that all of the peers you set up are still valid.

This is easier if you have a central NTP server that all of your devices sync to, since you only need to change it in one location.

If you already have a *nix box, you can set up the built in NTP daemon pretty quickly (I can send a copy of my config if you like.)