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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to rblizz

Re: Facebook starts free iPhone VoIP calling for US users

This is an excellent point.

However, carriers can't blame Apple for anything that is done by Facebook, Google, Micro-Skype, Viber, etc....

If WiFi be there, people will use it.


Consider two movie studios at the start of the 1950's.

1) Paramount was scared to death of TV.

They even banned their films from mentioning the [word] television, and they also banned their films from showing any scene in which a TV set was present.

Paramount had a 100 percent ostrich approach.

That was specifically discussed in the autobiography of Leonard H. Goldenson, the fellow who made a big success of ABC.

2) By contrast, Warner Brothers [was] quite scared of TV as well, but they realised that they could be content providers. The big thing in the 1950's was Westerns, and most of the successful Westerns on TV were made by Warner Bros. They adapted and flourished.

3) Today we again see the Paramount ostrich approach with Hulu. NBC/Comcast refuse to let Hulu have enough worthwhile content, so it is dying on the vine. Some of their top execs just walked out. They realise that Hulu will never be allowed to succeed, just as jealousy from the rest of General Motors (especially Chevy) was responsible for Saturn's suffocation and eventual closure.